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LR Accuracy-Hunting Rifles Only

bl*uber said: The more I learn about reloading the more $$$ I spend on this "healthy" :D addiction. Goodies like bullet comparators, runout gauges, headspace gauges, competition bullet seater & shoulder bump dies, competition shellholders and digital scales good to +/- .05 grains. It seems like if something can be measured, it will! I have 3 calibers (22-250, 243, 270) that all shoot 0.5 MOA out to 200m with loads I've developed using good ol' Lee products-that was easy. They open a little at 300m but that could be me too, still < 1 MOA. Is there any point in going the distance for a SAAMI specified chamber and factory barrels on LR (say 500 m) hunting rifle? I've been reloading about a year, so am wondering if it's "normal" :HR: to spend $100s on higher end reloading goodies? What do the veterans say?

44B*re said: Whatever floats your boat. From "hunting" positions can you hold moa at 500 meters? Anything that you can do to increase the consistancey of the loads is worth it to some degree if it gives you peace of mind. I match prepare the cases and loads for match purposes but for my hunting rifles I mainly just use standard practices--as I rarely shoot at game past 250 or 300 yards. I would rather spend my time making up standard loads and practicing from field positions. ymmv, 44Bore