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berger 300gr .338 anybody using them?

bl*ckburbot said: Thinking of trying a box or two of them in my .338 lapua. Currently using 300SMK with 104gr US 869 what should be my starting weight of powder? Don't want to waste a pile of bullets, powder and barrel life getting something as a base line.

M*ke G said: Im using them and they fly great. 4 min less elevation at 1500 yards than the 285 hornady BTHP that I also use. I use Retumbo so can't help you on load data but not much should change. I find that they explode when they hit but if your shooting rocks or gongs I'd doesn't matter.

Sh*oter ----/ said: I have used the first gen ones in my Lapua and they work very well in my limited use. I use the same load for the Berger's and the SMK's.