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8MM Mauser load advise

y2k said: Planning on Reloading 8mm Mauser. Will be putting it through VZ24, K98k etc. Any recommendations? Did the Czechs use 150 gr before WW2 like the Germans? Anyone trying to replicate the German 198 gr load?

y2k said: Hmm, nobody?

dgr*dinaru said: I have shot both the 150gr hornady and 196gr Norma with IMR 4350 50GR at 2500Ft/ps throught my Yugo and it shot well.

y2k said: Anyone use IMR 4064 for 8mm Mauser load?

G*nderite said: Have not used 4064 but it is the right speed for the 150 and could also make a decent 200gr load.

M*G25 said: Anyone use IMR 4064 for 8mm Mauser load? yes, 44 grains with 200 grain partitions and WLR. velocity is just a hair under 2500 fps.

sn*wshoe said: I used IMR 4064 and the Hornady 175 rn for hunting whitetails and also used Norma 196g bullets and Hornady 195 grainers. Accuracy was good with all bullets using IMR4064 and Varget. I tried the 150's but found they didn't hold up as well at 300 yards. If you want more info PM me and I will dig out my old load book.

dgr*dinaru said: The no1 bullet that shoots good in all of the mausers i had is hornady 170gr round nose bullet 51 gr with imr 4350 at 2450ft/s. It worked good in my turkish,yugo,spanish, czech,and german

r*ks said: I've used Varget and 4895 with 180gr Noslers. Turned in some decent groups at 100yd though dads old Mauser so I haven't bothered to play around too much and that's what I've stuck with.

t*kguy said: I've had OK luck with 150 gr bullets behind 50 gr of 4895. Nice sedate load. Seems to work OK

*rrfixitt said: I have a Spainish airmans 8x57 js. 1930's I have been reloading and teasting for years. 200 gr speer spfb 52.0 gr 4350 very hot and very accurate "finish" 185 gr rem ppsp new at 45.5 gr 4320 good start load still looking for 48gr 220 gr sierra spbt working thrid 46.5 4350 starting to get hot but still accurate

P*thfinder said: Anyone use IMR 4064 for 8mm Mauser load? yes, with 175gr. sierras. worked to max load according to hodgdon online data. Sub MOA at @ 100M and about 2700 fps if I recall correctly. I dont' recall the powder charge offhand.

y2k said: up for interest