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Magnum primers for .38SPL ?

h.l*tourneau said: Is there a problem loading .38SPL using small pistol Magnum primers ? I am using 158gr SWC lead bullets at low velocity to make holes in paper. I've got a bunch of those primers and would like to use them before buying small pistol standard primers. Thanks.

d*ananike said: As long as your load is well under max I wouldn't worry about using Magnum primers. Mind you velocity doesn't equal pressure and just because your load is low speed doesn't mean it's low pressure

th*baron said: I don't see a problem. Start low and work up!

tjh*ile said: They aren't necessary, but they will work fine if you have them on hand.

h.l*tourneau said: Thanks for the info. Very appreciated.

G*nderite said: Use them up. If the magnum primer has a harder cup you might have some misfires if you have adjusted the hammer with less spring pressure. You might have to turn the hammer spring up a half turn. I do not know if the magnum primer is harder or not.

*ld enfields said: Clerk at WSS Calgary handed me the wrong ones and I didn't notice untill I was gone from the store. I used them up with no problems and no pressure signs at max for 158 gr swc.

t-st*r said: you also wanna check your pricing- magnums run about 3 buks more/1000 than standard at wss- chances are you got DINGED

fl*riosean1 said: ive heard before that the magnum primer opposed to the regular releases a greater explosion which is used for making sure greater capacity cases have all the gun powder properly and evenly burned, if you use a magnum primer where its not nessesary you risk simply scorching the powder instead of properly burning it all evenly, basically crappy loads but if your plinking away i dont think its a huge issue

hk33k*1 said: A while ago I bought a couple bricks of Winchester Large Rifle primers. When I got home I realized the clerk had sold me Winchester Large Rifle Magnum. The store is quite a ways from home so I didnt go back. I've been shooting them for some time in my rifle loads and have noticed no difference. I have also used both Winchester Small Pistol Magnum and Regular primers in my .38 and .357 load with similar results.

P*wderfinger61 said: I do not know if the magnum primer is harder or not. Ive done extensive testing over the years with a 16oz Estwing hammer...never noticed any difference. OP, fire away they should be good...

t-st*r said: that must have been a while back , or it was old stock as winchester has been labelling their primers "for standard AND magnum loads for quite some time now- as long as they have been using the copper colored primers

hk33k*1 said: I believe the current Winchester line up is; WLP #7 - 111 Large Regular Pistol WLR #8-1/2 - 120 Large Rifle WLRM #8-1/2M - 120 Large Rifle Magnum WSP #1-1/2 - 108 Small Regular Pistol WSPM #1-1/2M - 108 Small Magnum Pistol WSR #6-1/2 - 116 Small Rifle The Large Pistol are labeled for Standard or Magnum Pistol loads I know what you mean about the nickle plated ones. I had a bunch of 70's/80's Large Pistol Winchesters and some were of each type mag or standard.