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Anyone reload .40S&W-Long?

G37 said: So, I've read only a few posts on the subject but it has me very curious and interested. Apparently some people are getting .40S&W conversion barrels for their 10mm Auto pistols then having the freebore lengthened to 10mm Auto specs. If I'm reading all this correctly, the shooter can then load .40S&W brass to 10mm Auto specs (and beyond). The benefits being: -Readily available brass -Small pistol primer -Stronger case (because of the small primer and different process in making .40s&w brass) -More powder volume (again, because of the above 2 points) Anyone on CGN tried this? Apparently some guys in the US are getting incredible velocities. Not really necessary I suppose in Canada since pistols can't be carried in the woods, but I find it very interesting regardless.

*qualung said: I load long only to ensure reliable feeding in my 1911.

C*nuckWR said: Sounds like an interesting experiment.

c*nsoldier45 said: I remember when I started in IPSC (Ontario) one Master shooter had a 40S&W and his handloads had the bullets out to a freakishly long OAL, more than I'd ever seen at that point. Maybe he had his barrel custom reamed for this, I never asked. CS45