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240 weatherby powder suggestions

n*rmanrd said: :confused:Hi all, I recently had my 240 weatherby re-barreled and I am having trouble getting it to shoot. I have a 1:8 ss Hart, 26", action is bedded and floated. In it's past life, h4831 would make moa or better groups with almost any bullet. Not so in this life! I am up to over 35 test groups using h4831 with 105gn and 95gn berger VLD's, as well as 100gn hornady btsp and interlock bullets. none have produced moa or better results, most are in the 2+ moa category. I have also tried some imr 7828 with the same results. I am looking for suggestions for the next powder I should try. Anyone with experience with a 240 please chime in with what has worked for you. All sugestions are welcomed. Thanks, Norm